A treat with Ruby

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Ruby is a stunning Weimaraner that we have the pleasure of seeing daily.  She is everything a weim should be – playful, energetic, silly and smart!  She knows what time we will be arriving each day and can be seen in one of the front windows patiently waiting.  Well patiently waiting until we are 3/4 way down the driveway then she starts barking!  Heading out for our walks she may be running or she may be in lollygag mode depending on her mood.  But she always wants to race back to the house.  I suspect it is because she always gets a treat after our walk! 

Ruby and her treats are one of my favorite things.  She has a wide variety that she can have throughout the day, some are designated for nighttime, and some are even homemade.  Now with her treats, she always sits perfectly and then takes them to the rug by the kitchen to eat.  She plows through them with gusto (like most dogs do) and then spends 10 minutes licking the floor where she finished it off – you know just to be sure.  HOWEVER, when it is Greenie day, well, that is a different story entirely.  She bypasses the usual “treat rug” and heads straight to the master bedroom.  She lies on the floor facing the entrance and proceeds to carefully and slowly partake of her Greenie.  I think somewhere in her mind this is the filet mignon of treats.  And this treat does not get the usual after licking the others do.  She holds carefully with her paws, eats like she is a fine restaurant and leaves no trace behind.

I am headed out soon to walk Ruby and today is Greenie day!!


Going for Coffee…

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I love witnessing the excitement of Stacey taking Mara for “coffee”.  Stacey goes to Mikes (Java Joz for those in the Greensboro area) everyday,  and a few times a week will take Mara, the German Shepherd, with her.  All she has to do is ask Mara if she wants to go see Mike or go get coffee.  Once that question is asked, Mara starts her dance.  She spins, jumps, races back and forth to where the leashes are kept and just begins to go nuts! 

Sometimes Stacey is able to sneak out and get the leash first before proclaiming it is time for coffee – then its on.  Mara will grab the leash herself and go to the door.  Of course, the leash is not hooked onto her collar yet, but she knows where they are going.  And if Stacey is not fast enough, well, Mara then proceeds to circle her, leash in mouth and vocalizing what I am sure is her way of saying HURRY UP – MIKE IS WAITING!!

The whole scene only last for 10 minutes, but it is one of the most entertaining 10 minutes of the day! 

Once out the door, Mara pulls Stacey to the car and waits to get in her spot in the back seat.  Now she is good in the car, and once they arrive at Mikes, she will sit and watch him intently.  She is very interested in what he is doing and saying – or at least it looks that way.  I am sure it has nothing to do with the treat he always gives her before they pull away. 

Once home, Stacey does not even have to “get her”.  She has the leash in her mouth and will go from the car to the front door herself.  Once back inside, she likes to walk around with the leash  awhile after, strutting, just to make sure we all know she went for her coffee.  

Why isn’t going for coffee this exciting for me??  Maybe I should start asking Mike for a treat too!

A Bedtime Story…

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It’s bedtime. Yay! I’m exhausted.

Let’s get all the dogs outside one last time. First we’ll do Max and Mara… “Come on guys! Let’s go! Who needs to go outside? Come on, come on come on! Max… Stop spinning in circles,the door is this way… Mara stop knocking Max down!”

We finally get outside… “Max, come over here to the grass. Mara, where did you go? Let’s hurry up… Mara, will you please leave Max alone and let him pee in peace? You need to go pee too… Stop getting in his way… No Max, don’t go over there. Mara come back over here. Now where did Max go? Come on guys! Let’s go inside and get your treat! Mara, stop bumping Max!”

We finally get back inside…

Now, “Let’s go Anya and Piper! Time to go outside…Anya, lift your head up when you’re walking. You’re bumping into everything. Piper, don’t eat that! Anya, pay attention. Piper, stop digging and go to the bathroom! Anya, it’s bedtime, hurry up. Girls? Where did you go? Girls?”

We finally get back inside.

I lead blind Max to the water bowl that he just stands in front of. Meanwhile, Let’s get Mara on the bed, in her spot. Not mine. No easy task. She’s all set, good.

Now… “Anya, go lay down in your bed. Come out of the bathroom and go to bed… How much water are you going to drink? Where’s Piper? Piper? Come on to bed Piper… No Anya, get in your bed. Piper come lay down.”

They finally go to bed.

“Mara, what are you doing up? Go back to bed… It’s bedtime. No… That’s my spot. Go get in your spot.”

Ahhh. Finally I can go to bed. I’m pooped.

I’m drifting, drifting, drifting off to sleep.

“What is that noise? Max? What are you doing? Stop licking the floor! Go to sleep! It’s bedtime.” I get up and lead him to his bed, get him to lay down and crawl back into my bed.

I’m drifting, drifting, drifting off to sleep.

“Max! Stop licking your foot!”
“Mara, it’s none of your business, come back to bed!”
“Max, leave that leg alone.”
“Mara, leave Max alone. Everyone go to sleep!”

I’m drifting, drifting, drifting off to sleep. 



I remember first meeting Emma, this beautiful gentle soul.  She was one of the prettiest and sweetest greyhounds I had ever met.  In fact, she was the first I had ever done any pet sitting for.  One of my first memories of her is “running with the  shepherds”.  Emma and Norman, the Italian Greyhound that shared a home together, would run along a fence in their backyard in perfect time with the giant german shepherds that lived next door to them.  It was the funniest thing watching this perfect unison of running back and forth in a space of about 15 feet.  The whole time they would bark at each other and run.  It would last a few minutes and either Norman or Emma would get bored and wander off somewhere else to smell the grass or sniff the air.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my dogs to death.  But I don’t think I have ever encountered a more gentle soul than Emma.  It was not just a behavior with her, it was everything about her.  In fact, she is the reason I love greyhounds so much now.  She could be funny and entertaining, yet so snuggly and sweet. 

I have found over the years, that so many greyhounds are like this.   They have such amazing personalities and are such fun to be around.  I like to think of them as four-legged clowns.  Of course, part of their charm is the fact that they can run at the speed of light!  If you turn to slowly, they are like a blink of color whizzing by!   I had the pleasure of volunteering briefly at Greyhounds Friends of NC  (http://greyhoundfriends.com) and got see and learn so much about them and what wonderful dogs they really are.

Take some time to check them out!  Even if you cannot adopt a new friend right now, you can sponsor a greyhound!  From their website: 

“So you can’t adopt a greyhound but still want to help? Become a Sponsor by pledging a minimum of $10.00 as a monthly donation on behalf of the greyhound of your choice. Your pledge allows you to help with the costs for one of the hounds while he/she is waiting for adoption.

Sponsorship is a wonderful way for for school classrooms, retirement home residents, and others who can’t physically adopt a greyhound of their own to participate fully in our rescue and adoption effort. Just $10 dollars a month sponsorship for each dog would be a tremendous help to keep GNFC finding homes for retired racers and educating the public about these wonderful dogs. Our adoption fees help to cover the basic medical requirement for adoptive placement; spay/neuter, shots, teeth cleaning, worming, etc. As a non-profit organization, we rely on your donations to feed and house the greyhounds and to cover the costs of medical expenses beyond the norm.

All donations are tax deductible;  501(C)(3) not-for-profit organization.”

I hope when you are searching for your next friend, you will consider the wonderful companionship of a greyhound.  And, April is Adopt-A-Greyhound Month!  I am proud to support the future of greyhounds and Greyhound Friends!

Be the Change

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“On April 15th, blog about what you’re doing to Be the Change, inspire the involvement of your readership, and share that vision here with the BtC community! This event positively impacts animals and advocates one-on-one.”

On Friday, April 15th, Blog the Change for your favorite animal charity or rescue group, or simply blog about your pets

We can be the change for the animals!

For more information, click here:  http://btc4animals.com/blog-the-change/blog-the-change-april-15th/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+BtC4Animals+%28Be+the+Change+for+Animals%29

“So, what sets you apart from other pet sitters?”

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Someone asked me today what sets us apart from the other sitters in our area.  The answer is simple.  We concentrate only on pet sitting and dog walking services.  While we include other things such as bringing in your mail, taking out your trash cans, alternating lights and blinds while you are away, our primary focus is your pet(s).   We pride ourselves on providing quality service that meets your specific needs.   

We do not bill for time because things arise daily that may take longer and we feel that limiting our time with your pet(s) limits the quality of service we can provide.  So however long your visit takes us, we will do the best we can to ensure your pet(s) have the attention and love they need, and everything that goes along with it.  

As a pet owner, I want to know that my dogs are safe and happy while I am away.  I know they become stressed with strangers and knowing that someone takes the time to make them feel at ease, going the extra mile to ensure their comfort makes all the difference.  That is the philosophy we carry into our business.  We treat your pet(s) like we do our own.

We have been serving the Triad area for over 7 years and are happy to be a pet sitting service that concentrates on your pet(s) first.

You have a voice, use it!

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Today I read a blog by http://mycupcakemafia.com  and it really spoke to me.  I decided I wanted to share her entry here as well.

You Have a Voice, Please Use It

I normally don’t write about heavy topics. I try to stay focused on the brighter side of life in my writing. Yet the world is both light and dark and lately I have been experiencing a profound sense of sorrow. Specifically I am saddened and angered by the amount of animal abuse in this world but to be micro-specific it wrecks me to think of how many people know about an animal being neglected or abused and do nothing about it.

First the story of a Pitbull. The young dog was living with a woman who was supposed to take care of him. She tied him outside her apartment and didn’t feed him. She said he bit her too much (He was a puppy, chances are he was teething and playing). So basically she allegedly starved him. Then she allegedly threw him down a garbage chute wrapped in a plastic bag. He was found by one brave amazing maintenance worker. Rather than assume it was a rat he opened the moving bag and made a call. The call saved this poor dog’s life, he was hours way from death (image may be disturbing).On the night before St. Patrick’s day he was taken to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists and after surviving the night despite the odds, he was named Patrick.  

 This is Patrick now thanks to a lot of medical attention and love. 


This is an amazing story of a dog’s will to live and a man who did the right thing. However, Patrick didn’t have to go through this. He was tied in the stairwell of an apartment building. Many people, including a security guard, had to pass him and ignore him. Ignoring the fact that he was emaciating and dying before their eyes. 

Through a Facebook Page called The Patrick Miracle many have banded together to share stories of animals that need homes and also of other stories similar to Patrick’s. In many cases the animals have died before they could get help. In many of the cases it seems authorities were given information by an informant, but just a little too late. 

 So this is what I ask of you. If you see something speak up at that time. Don’t sit on it and hope it will get better. Use your voice for animals that can not.You can always call your local police department if you suspect an animal is being abused or neglected. If that is a little too brazen for you alert an animal protection organization. Don’t know where to find them? Look here: the World Animal Directory. They have listings of over 17,000 animal protection agencies in 170 countries. 

Please, please, please, don’t be afraid to use your voice

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