Phoenix’s Journey – by Deborah Hodges

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Our second special story comes again from Guilford County.  Someone set the puppy on fire causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns to more than 40 percent of its body.  But the Guilford County Animal Shelter treated him, and thankfully, Deborah brought him into a loving home.   Phoenix is buddies with Susie too!  He is a happy boy these days!!   Thanks Deborah for writing about this sweet fella!

Phoenix’s Journey

Sometimes in life we feel like we live day to day doing the same things, I had thought about fostering for our shelter because I needed more in my life, I heard about a puppy that had been burned by 4 boys and instantly had the desire to do something for him, his name is Phoenix.  I agreed to foster him until he was ready for his furever home, so the journey began for many.

I had to take him to the Guilford CountyCounty Animal Shelter every day seven days a week for 7 weeks for his skin treatments, this poor baby had body wrap that had to be removed every day so his wounds could be cleaned. Fridays were much tougher, the old dead skin had to be removed. As Phoenix grew it would become harder to walk because so much of his skin had been burned so he had to have skin grafts, it was a long journey but once again he held his head high and life went on. I have learned so much from him, if he can forgive and love unconditionally then I can too. I watched him sleeping many nights with tears in my eyes, you could tell he was uncomfortable at times. He had to wear a plastic collar for a few months, sleeping in that was no fun. It may have bothered me more than it did him, he is the most lovable dog, how can that be?

I truly believe unconditional love and time can heal all wounds, Phoenix is living proof. As I share this horrific story with you my heart is heavy while he sits looking at me as if nothing ever happened, that’s my sweet loving little man.


Phoenix being treated.

Sweet Phoenix recently


Susie’s Story – by Donna Smith Lawrence

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We are starting to put together some special blog posts by contributors in our area.  Our goal is to bring about information on rescues, adoptions, animal welfare, and special information about animal care.

Our first contributor really needs no introduction….  most here in NC know of Susie.  But her “mom”, Donna, decided to contribute a short blog about Susie’s story for our readers.

For more information about Susie, Susie’s Law, or Susie’s Hope – you can check them out on Facebook at:!/susieshope

Man’s Best Friend

Why do some people call dog’s Man’s Best Friend?  Well for starters some dogs are indeed their owners best friend.  Dog’s have been our companion’s for hundred’s and hundred’s of years.  They are member’s of our families, protectors of our home’s and in some situations they are even our co-workers assisting us in our day to day jobs. Most important alot of dogs are used as therapy or seeing eye dogs. Making life for their owners easier and more fullfilled.

Here in North Carolina, we have our own very special dog. This dog survived being a victim of a vicious attack to becoming a hero……….. Her name is Susie!  Susie was found burned, beaten, and barely alive in a Greensboro park in 2009. Her chances of survival were very slim. She had 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 60% of her body, and her ears were burned to nubs.  She was rescued and nursed back to health at the Guilford County Animal Shelter. During her first exam they discovered more than 300 maggots on her back. This Discovery helped them determine how long she had been in the park. “Ten days,” she was lucky to be alive. “Susie” was a walking Miracle…  That December Susie was adopted by Donna Lawrence, who was a survivor herself. In October 2008 Donna was attacked and nearly killed by a pitbull.  Together Susie and Donna learned to trust and love again.

June 2010 after rallying North Carolina citizens to change the current animal cruelty laws,(from a class I felony cruelty to animals,  to a class H felony cruelty to animals),  a new law was passed and signed. This law was named after Susie……..Susie’s Law. This new Law would allow up to ten months jail time for first time offenders, were as before they only got probabtion.   Now that a new law was passed Donna wanted to do more to help our state. She and Susie started visiting schools, fundraiser’s, our special needs community, churches, pet adoption fairs and other events educating people everywhere about animal abuse and welfare. They call their new mission in life, Susie’s Hope.  Together they are an unstopable team, working together to make a diiference in this world, hoping to reach out nationally to educate and inspire to help end animal abuse & cruelty.  Donna,  I am sure would agree that a dog can be man’s best friend…………or in this case woman’s best friend!

Susie and Donna