Dog Boarding


Dog Boarding in Greensboro can actually be a great thing for certain pets. Although for many, it is not.


Think about it… if your pet is used to having free rein of your home when you are home and is only “quarantined” for a few hours at a time when you are away, boarding may not be a great option

If someone stuck you in jail for the weekend and told you that you can only go potty two or three times a day, it would be a bit of an adjustment, right? Right.

So when deciding which option is best for your pet take these things into consideration:

  1. Do they easily adjust when Mom and Dad are gone? (ex. do they stop eating?)
  2. Are they used to being without you? (Do you work long hours or work from home?)
  3. Do they have separation anxiety?

The answers to these questions will help you determine if boarding your dog is the right option. Keeping them at home and having Furry Godmothers Pet Sitting will result in these wonderful benefits:

  1. Sights, smells, and sounds stay the same.
  2. Exposure to illness is eliminated.
  3. We will hand feed your pet and stay as long as needed to make your pet happy.
  4. No Travel Trauma.

There are so many more benefits and if you give us a call (336)324-6159 we can discuss your pets specifically. I would love to chat with you!



Article used from Bellas House and Pet Sitting