We are asked this question frequently because naturally clients do not want their home security breached. We totally understand this.  That is why we have a key system that only our staff knows how to operate.

Simply put, your key is coded so if it were to go missing or stolen, no one knows who the key belongs to or where someone might live.  We are happy to return keys to you after the first visit.

We will not, however, hide them on your property or throw them under a closing garage door. We get paid to worry for you and we worry about thieves stealing the key or entering your home from the key under the mat or a delay in your arrive that causes us not to be able to access your home because your keys are locked inside your garage.

Basically, here is our policy on keys:

Keys/Lockout: Two keys to the home will be given to Furry Godmothers to keep on file by the completion of the second booking. If a garage code is offered to gain entry to your home, it is still the clients responsibility to provide a key in the event of problems with malfunctioning door or power outage.  If client does not provide key in addition to garage code, they are responsible for any missed visits due to mentioned malfunction or power outage. If a key is NOT retained by the second booking a fee of $15.00 will be incurred for pick up and drop off of the key.

Go ahead and get to know us and we will pick up and drop off the first booking for free! Beginning with the 2nd booking, there is a charge. There is no option to drop them off to us at this time.

We have been serving the Triad area for 10 years!


Some information provided by Bellas House and Pet Sitting in Arizona.